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happy times

2009-10-13 01:54:40 by Ladyofchaoticevil

Getting married in a few weeks got big plans for everything
Need cake dress and tons of guests hehe


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2009-10-13 05:23:51

Holy FUCKING HELL with these spammers....-_- Congratz on the wedding btw hope it gose well for you =) Dont mind the assholes there what you call....Well if you think about them you can come up with alot of gar-bitch related things that describe them.


2010-02-12 19:04:37

Well...although I don't know you but after reading your entry I really felt happy for you because I always feel happy for happy people in their, best of wishes and wish you happy life with your future husband in your house! Always try to keep your husband happy so he will keep loving you until the last moments of your life! I'm sure you know those advices and I don't want to keep saying this "Blah Blah Blah" so happy life! Sorry for popping out of nowhere and causing you headache...

BTW Name's Feras, Syrian, Muslim, 17 years old (I hope you are not feeling disgusted of receiving a message from a Muslim but these are our manners of Islam, to feel happy for other people and express our feelings towards them).

Thanks for reading this piece of "Blah Blah Blah".....Wish you the Best!